October 14, 2021

Hindu priests have been preaching the “good news” that they have more than 2.7 billion followers on social media.

But they are not the only ones preaching the good news of Christianity.

On Saturday, the San Francisco-based San Jose-based Global Hindu Missionary Society launched a “Global Crusade for Christianity”.

They were founded by a couple of brothers who are members of the International Association of Missionary Teachers (IAMT) in California.

They are a secular, all-male, liberal, international group that promotes the teachings of Jesus Christ and Hinduism.

They hold regular services, including on the day when Jesus is born in Bethlehem.

They believe Jesus is the son of God.

“This is a crusade for Christianity, but also for Hinduism and the Hindu way of life,” said Veena Singh, one of the founders.

They have an online petition and a Facebook page with almost 30,000 likes. “

We are looking at how we can reach them, how we should reach them.”

They have an online petition and a Facebook page with almost 30,000 likes.

They have a website called www.globalchristiancatholiccouncil.org.

“A lot of times, we are getting a lot of hate mail from Hindus,” said Raja Kumar, one co-founder.

“But we want to change that.”

Mr Kumar said the petition is to help the organisation reach people.

“In India, there is a big difference between a Muslim and a Christian.

There are different faiths and there is also a difference between the way the Hindu gods are worshipped,” he said.

“They have a different way of thinking.

We are looking to spread a Hindu-Christian message and to show our message to the world.”

Mr Singh said the mission is a “big push” to reach more people.

He said there are more than 3 million followers on Facebook.

“That is not a lot.

It is like 20,000.

If you look at the number of followers on WhatsApp or Instagram, it is a lot,” he added.

“What we are doing is to spread the message that there is no religion without Jesus Christ.”

The mission also has a website and a social media account.

“For every 1,000 people that we reach, we will send them a copy of our manifesto and a link to our Facebook page and we will post a message on WhatsApp and Instagram,” Mr Kumar explained.

“We have a Facebook campaign called ‘India’s Greatest Mission’ and we have a YouTube channel called ‘We Are Our Mission’.” He said the social media campaign is a way for the mission to reach people, including the children.

“The children get to see the message of our mission and they are happy to follow,” he explained.

“As soon as the message is spread, we get messages from them that they can retweet and share.

We can also share it with the people.”

He said they have not received any hate mail, but he said the messages are a big challenge.

“Hindus do not trust anyone,” he noted.

“Hinduism is not about hate, it’s about faith.”

Ms Singh said she is worried about the future.

“I have always been worried about how the future will be for us,” she said.

Ms Kumar said he is worried for the children in India, particularly those who are growing up in a Muslim family.

‘No one will ever be able to understand’India has one of world’s highest rates of religious conversions, with more than 50% of Hindus converting to Christianity. “

There is a possibility that they will convert and get baptized.”

‘No one will ever be able to understand’India has one of world’s highest rates of religious conversions, with more than 50% of Hindus converting to Christianity.

The latest figures from the Pew Research Centre suggest the Hindu population is growing by an average of 2.4% every year.

According to the National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, the country has around 50 million Hindu Muslims and another 11 million Hindu Christians. 

“This is not an argument about religion, but about the way they live,” Ms Singh said.

He added that there was no way to reach the children, because the missions had been banned from some of the countries they were supposed to be operating in.

A spokesman for the Mission San Jose said they were not involved in the petition.

“Our mission is not based on faith,” he told The Telegraph.

“At this point, we have not decided whether to continue the service, or to stop it.

We have always had a dialogue with them.

We do not believe in any form of conversion.”


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