October 8, 2021

Health careers are booming and some of the most popular ones are booming, too.

But the profession has also taken a hit from the recession.

Here are some tips on how to keep your career afloat.


Make sure you have a portfolio of skills You’ll be looking for new opportunities in health care in 2018, said Rachel Hensley, chief executive of The Health Care Institute, a Toronto-based organization that helps health professionals navigate the marketplace.

“The challenge is to look at your portfolio and know what you have that is not necessarily available in the marketplace,” she said.

Hensly said she’s seen some candidates find themselves unemployed or facing financial hardship because they don’t have a good track record of health work.

“Some of them are working with clients that have been through a disaster, like when a storm came through,” she explained.

“If you are in a situation where you have an emergency situation, and you can’t access that care in a timely manner, that is where you may need to do more.”


Take on a larger role As a health care professional, you can take on a variety of roles, said Kristina Burt, CEO of the Canadian Association of Professional Health Care Providers.

For example, she said you could be the face of a campaign, or perhaps a marketing campaign for a company or a brand.

Burt recommends the same approach for any career: Start small and then work your way up to bigger responsibilities.


Get your license to practice In 2019, the Canada Revenue Agency will launch a new health care licensing program, which will provide students with the necessary training and experience to start practising in a number of different settings.

If you’re a registered nurse, for example, you will have to apply to have your name registered in the province’s health registry.


Know what you need to know about health care You can learn a lot from the professionals in your field, Hens


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