September 26, 2021

In the coming days, the U.S. medical profession is expected to weigh in on a controversial proposal that would make it easier for people to get shots at home, by letting them get them by mail.

The proposal was proposed by the National Vaccine Information Center, a group of physicians who believe vaccines are unsafe and should be withdrawn from the U of A. But there’s another side to the story.

It could affect the medical profession’s position in the new anti–vaccine campaign, which is also being waged in Canada.

This is a major story.

And we’re just going to let you know that this is a very important story.

Reporter: Doctors say they’ve been working hard to persuade U of T students and others to come out against the proposal, which would allow them to get vaccines at home.

It would be one of the largest vaccination campaigns in Canada in a generation.

But the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases says this is dangerous.

There’s a real risk to the health of the people in Canada, which I think is a lot more dangerous than what’s going on in the United States.

Reporter-Teresa Halsey: The U of Toronto Medical School says this isn’t about vaccinating Canadians.

If you’re getting the flu, you’re probably not going to be vaccinated.

Reporter Tanya Hays: The school says if the proposal becomes law, it could cost U ofT $1.5 million a year in lost income and put many doctors out of work.

And it could make it difficult for them to be seen by the public.

But it’s also an opportunity for the medical establishment to change its tune on vaccines, as it tries to protect people from dangerous, sometimes deadly diseases like polio.

The idea is, if we get vaccinated, we’ll keep it that way.

Reporter Teresa Halsely: A few days before the proposal’s release, a Canadian professor sent out an open letter to U of E students.

We think this is going to kill them, he said.

You don’t want to be infected with polio.

You can’t be infected.

Reporter Laura Cripe: The letter went viral.

A Canadian professor is calling the proposal irresponsible.

He says people should be vaccinated, not to protect them from getting the vaccine but to save lives.

So if you get vaccinated you can prevent more cases of polio and get them out of the country.

And if you don’t, you can get it back.

Reporter Heather Gannon: The proposal comes at a time when some U of F students are refusing to go to class.

They’re protesting the proposed legislation by saying they’re sick of hearing their doctors warn them they can’t get vaccinated.

This is not the vaccine we need, I said.

We have enough vaccine, they said.

Reporter John Binder: And it’s a message the U and the UO have been trying to push home.

The U. of T says there are about 6,500 Canadians who have received vaccinations, but that’s still only about 5 per cent of the population.

That’s not enough to stop all of the cases.

And the U is also asking people to contact the U-T’s health centre, as well as their local Health Minister.

You have to get vaccinated for the vaccine, not just get it, and you have to have the vaccine before you go out to get it.

I think that’s the way to go.

So please get vaccinated and we’ll be there for you.

This will be a tough fight, but hopefully we’re going to prevail.

And now it’s on to the next step.

It’s a big decision, one that’s been coming up for a long time.

A new anti vaccine movement is now taking shape on campus.

The National Vaccines Information Center is a group made up of doctors who believe that vaccines are dangerous and should not be given to people in the U for fear of possible side effects.

The group is part of the Vaccine Research Alliance, an umbrella organization for doctors.

They are urging their colleagues to back the proposal.

Reporter Jane Goodall: We know vaccines are not perfect, but they are safer than anything that we’ve ever done before.

So we know that they work, they are effective.

And in some cases, we are not going take them seriously, because they have been shown to have side effects, that can be extremely serious.

And so, if you are worried about that, we encourage you to get a second opinion.

Reporter Anne Lyle: The idea for this is to make it so people don’t have to worry about the side effects of vaccines, or if they do, to be careful about the doses.

So this is not going into the clinic and injecting the vaccines.

Reporter Sarah Daley: The vaccine is already out in the public, so there is no need to worry if a child is infected.

But as the push for the legislation nears its end, there are concerns it could change the


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