September 22, 2021

Business Insider – LONDON, England (BUSINESS WIRE)– Law firms and investment firms are looking for a diverse group of attorneys who can help them navigate the legal landscape and provide value for clients, according to a report from the UK’s Chambers of Commerce.

The Chambers of Industry and Commerce (ChiC) said on Tuesday that the hiring of lawyers was a significant part of its 2017 “Law Profession Diversity” report, which aims to improve the representation of legal professionals.

“Law firms are increasingly using technology to help their employees better navigate the complex world of business and they need to hire and retain talented legal professionals, regardless of their particular industry or specialisation,” the report said.

“It is critical that the recruitment and retention of lawyers in this environment is encouraged to improve business outcomes for both the firms and the wider society.”

The Chamber of Commerce report said there was a “significant and growing” need for legal professionals across the UK and in the U.S. “Law firms have been the backbone of the economy for more than 100 years and they have to do more to make sure they are well equipped for the challenges of the 21st century.”

The report said hiring lawyers had become a significant and growing part of the legal profession and it was important to ensure that the diversity of the UK legal workforce was maintained.

Law firms need to attract the right number of lawyers to provide a safe, competitive and efficient environment, and hire the right staff for the right job, it said.

The report called for firms to ensure they had a diversity of skills, and for lawyers to be given opportunities to apply and train for jobs.

The hiring of people who are not lawyers is also a “key element of the strategy for the future,” it said, noting that there were concerns about a lack of diversity in the legal industry.

In the past, the report suggested that a diversity strategy should include “a comprehensive diversity strategy that takes account of the diverse backgrounds of the workforce, including race, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity”.

The report recommended that there should be a “new policy of ensuring a high proportion of qualified, experienced and skilled applicants is sought to work in legal services.”

A spokesman for the Chambers of the Industry said the report was “a good indication of the growing demand for lawyers.”

“The Chamber has been working with employers on diversity and inclusion for over five years, and we have seen a huge increase in hiring and retention,” the spokesman said.

“The need to retain the best lawyers is a fundamental part of our strategy, and it is a key element of our diversity strategy, so we’re working with all sectors of the business to create the best workforce for the firm.”

The number of firms hiring lawyers increased by 3.9 percent in 2017, according the Chambers.


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