September 12, 2021

Medical students need to be more mindful of the people they work with, and that means learning how to become better negotiators, a book says.

In her latest book, The First Step to a Better Life, author and MBA program director Stephanie Diller recommends reading and studying how to make better decisions.

“One of the things that really surprised me was that people in medical school were very good at being negotiators,” Diller said in an interview.

“I think we really need to have a much better understanding of how to be a good negotiator.

We’re really good at it, but the first step to a better life is a better negotiator.”

Diller’s book, titled The First, was written with her daughter, Emily, and was released in February.

The book covers topics such as how to get the most out of a doctor, what it takes to be an effective doctor, how to handle pressure, how the job market is changing, and how to develop a business.

Diller said that when she was growing up, people were told to be nice to their patients, to be honest and truthful with them.

“I was really disappointed that the advice we were given was that we had to be very good negotiators, that you couldn’t be a nice person, that the patient needs to know that you’re a good person and you’re willing to do the best you can to make things better for them,” Dillard said.

In the book, Diller also discusses the importance of being proactive and looking at ways to create positive change.

“We all need to make changes in our lives,” Dills says in the book.

“When we make those changes, we’ll be happier and healthier and more likely to make good choices.

We have to be proactive about the decisions we make in life.”


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