September 11, 2021

The pet of an ancient hunter was found only by one person, and it wasn’t a wild animal, researchers say. 

The stone-age hunter was named Yoko, and he had been living in the region of Shingon since at least 3,300 years ago. 

“He was an expert hunter, and when he found his pet, he brought it back to his village and the whole village was very happy to see it,” said Dr Yoko’s mother, Shiro Takagi.

“He told us that he would give it to his father who is an expert on animals, and then his father would bring it to the village to be sold,” Dr Takagi said.

“The owner of the pet was an only child and didn’t have any relatives.”

It was his first pet, and his mother was very surprised,” she said.

Dr Takagi has a PhD in anthropology from the University of Tokyo.

But the pet is very big, so I thought it would be very important for us to bring the pet to the villagers.””

He would bring his pet to his home, and at that time, it was the winter time, and the villagers were sleeping, so they didn’t see it.”

But the pet is very big, so I thought it would be very important for us to bring the pet to the villagers.

“When we were going to collect the pet from his home he said, ‘We have to wait a day or two because we don’t have time to get it to my house’,” Dr Takigas mother said.

When they returned home, the villagers didn’t recognise the pet. 

And so Dr Takagis mother and Dr Takani went to see him.

“We said, how are you doing today?

He said, I’m fine. 

But then I was surprised because it was so small.”

I thought, it must be a small animal.

But I saw that it was big enough to hold the animal.

“The animal was about the size of a sheep, and Dr Yosuke had been watching his pet for many years.”

My first impression was that it must have been very important to the hunter, because it would have helped to find the location of the hunter,” Dr Yoiko said.

The hunters identity was confirmed in the pet, but they were unable to get a hold of the animal, so Dr Yooiko returned to his family to tell them about the discovery.”

Then my sister-in-law said, you know, this is really interesting, we can’t afford to lose this pet,” Dr Yamaguchi said.

And so they went to the owner’s house and got him to tell the whole story.”

That was the first time that I really felt proud of him,” Dr Yakagi said, and after hearing the story, his father gave the pet back to the people.”

They took it back and took the owner back to Shingong to give it back,” Dr Sakagami said. 

There are still many questions about the pet and the people who brought it to Sichuan, including why it is not a wild species.”

What animal did the hunter find?

Was it a wild beast?

And so we don`t know,” Dr Shiro said.



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