September 10, 2021

The US pharmacy industry is struggling to address a growing problem that could derail the industry’s reputation as a leader in drug discovery and development.

A growing number of employees are being asked to tweet about drugs at work, which may be violating policies on social media, according to an industry official.

Pharmacy professionals are being urged to tweet as part of a national campaign called “WOW” in response to the rise in social media use among pharmacists.

The campaign was started by a pharmacy chain called WOWPharmacies and aims to increase the use of social media in pharmacists’ work.

“We want to make sure that our pharmacists know about the importance of using social media to share information with our patients and colleagues about the medicines they are prescribing,” said the company’s senior vice president of pharmacy and pharmaceuticals, Michael Kugler.

“It’s important for us to communicate the importance that we have to our patients, our colleagues and our colleagues’ patients, and we want our pharmacians to be aware of the importance to be able to share that information,” Kugling added.

“Our pharmacists need to understand that we want to be a part of this conversation and to share this information with others,” he added.

“And if they don’t understand, we want them to share their thoughts with us.”

Pharmaceutical company WOW says it will begin enforcing stricter guidelines on social sharing policies on Thursday, November 15.

The company has said it will be reviewing policies on its social media channels and will issue new rules.

The industry has been grappling with how to curb social media usage among pharmacist.

Pharmacists are expected to take part in the social media campaign at their local pharmacies on Thursday.

Pharma experts say the increase in social networking is worrying.

“Social media is becoming a major problem for the pharmacy industry.

It has a significant impact on the pharmacy community and on the industry as a whole,” said David Zapp, vice president for research at the Institute of Medicine.”

There is a very clear trend to see pharmacists tweeting about their own products more frequently than they would tweet about competitors,” Zapp said.

“We have a number of examples of that, where the pharmacist is talking about a particular drug on social platforms more frequently and more extensively than he would normally be.”

“It is becoming an increasingly important part of the pharma community, and it is an important part for our customers, our pharma employees, and the pharmacists themselves to be in the loop,” Zopp added.


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