September 3, 2021

Jennifer Lawrence’s career as a comic book superhero, Wonder Woman, has been in the hands of a female director for the past five years, and she is now facing a possible departure from the film industry altogether.

Jennifer Lawrence, who portrays Wonder Woman in the upcoming superhero film, is being laid off as a writer, producer and director of the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel.

Lawrence is set to direct Wonder Woman 2, which will be released on Aug. 2, 2019.

Her move comes after she announced she would be transitioning to a man last year.

“I am very proud of what we have achieved together as an organization and I am so grateful to be a part of the team that is going to make this film,” Lawrence told the Associated Press at the time.

“It’s a beautiful place, and I’m happy and proud that I have the chance to be part of it.”

Lawrence’s last major film role was in the 2014 biopic The Birth of a Nation, which starred Amy Adams.

She will now be directing the sequel to the 2016 film, Wonder Women.

She is also the author of the new comic book series, The Wasp, which tells the story of the superhero Wasp.

“After five years of hard work and dedication, Jennifer Lawrence will be exiting Wonder Woman with a huge thank you to all of you for your support,” a statement from Warner Bros., which acquired the rights to the superhero franchise in January 2018, read.

“She will continue to provide an incredible cinematic experience and we look forward to working with her again in 2019.”

Lawrence will not be returning to direct a superhero film this time around.

“The last film I directed was The Birth, so I’ve been working on Wonder Woman for five years,” she said in a statement to EW.

“When I say five years I mean five years in a row, and the next one will probably be 10 years, so it’s been a long road to getting to this point.

But I’m very excited to finally be in this place, to have the opportunity to write and direct a new film that I’ve worked on for five or six years.”

For the record, Lawrence has only directed one other superhero movie before Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman Returns, in 2016, and it grossed just $18 million domestically.

In Wonder Woman’s case, the studio’s release in 2018 saw it gross $175 million worldwide.

Wonder Woman also stars Gal Gadot, Connie Nielsen, Jeremy Irons, Connie Britton, Ewen Bremner, Connie Lewis, and Amy Adams, among others.

Wonder Women is set for release in 2020.


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