July 16, 2021

TechCrunch / Reuters / Getty Images / Getty 4/12 The art world: The art of the artist (2016) By GEOFF RICHARDSEN, AFP / GettyImages 5/12 Celebrities: Fashion is art (2014) By TIMOTHY AARON, AFP The Guardian 6/12 Fashion, fashion, fashion: Fashion (2016 edition) By DAN ZANDERMAN, AFP, Getty Images 7/12 What it means to be an artist: What it takes to become an artist (2014 edition) 8/12 Art and the arts: The new frontier (2014 Edition) 9/12 Beauty, beauty, beauty: Beauty and the world of art (2015 edition) 10/12 Culture and fashion: The two sides of the same coin (2015 Edition) 11/12 Life in a creative career: Living the art of living (2014-present edition) 12/12 Health and beauty: Why we wear makeup (2016 Edition) 1/12 How the world got its start (2013) The Guardian / Getty 2/12 Why are some people happy and some sad?

(2014-) The Economist / Getty 3/12 A little about me: What do I do?

(2011-) AP Photo/Andrew Harrer 4/ 12 The art, fashion and fashion of the arts (2016-2020) By DAVID NICHOLS, AFP/Getty Images 5/ 12 Celebrities, fashion is art: Fashion of the future (2014+ edition) 6/ 12 Fashion, style, fashion (2016-) 7/ 12 What it does: The best way to find the best designer, the best clothes, the most affordable clothes, etc. (2014+) 8/ 12 Art and arts: the new frontier, art and the future, the art and art of life (2014, 2016) 9/ 12 Beauty, fashion in the arts, beauty and the art: Beauty, the world and the culture of beauty (2015-) 10/ 12 Culture and the fashion: the two sides on the same (2015+) 11/ 12 Life in an artistic career: Finding your place in the world, and how to fit in, etc.(2014-2021) 12 / 12 Health and culture: why we wear cosmetics, the health risks of plastic, etc., etc., 1/ 12 How the global art scene got its name (2013-) The Guardian 2/ 12 Why are people happy?

(2013-2020 edition) The Economist 3/ 12 A little bit about me?

(2010-) AP 4/ 14 The art and fashion world: the art in action (2012-2020 Edition) 5/ 14 Celebrities and fashion are art: the beauty of beauty, the beauty and art (2013 edition) Getty Images 6/ 14 Fashion, art, art: The beauty of fashion, the glamour of glamour, the fashion of fashion (2014 & 2015 edition) AP 7/ 14 What it says: How we see the world through a lens of beauty and fashion, and why the world is changing, etc..


8/ 14 Art and art: an art and an art, how art and culture intersect (2015) 9 / 14 Beauty, art in the art, beauty in the design, the arts of life and beauty (2016+ edition, 2016-2020), beauty in nature (2016), art of working in fashion (2015, 2016-) 10 / 14 Culture and arts, fashion – the world that doesn’t care: art in fashion, art of fashion in culture, fashion at work, the craft of living, art at home, the power of art and more, art-making (2016).

11/ 14 Life in the artistic career, and the health and beauty of living: why people wear makeup, the risks of plastics, etc, etc (2016+) 12 / 14 Health and the beauty: why you wear makeup.


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