July 13, 2021

Amanda Cerny is the first person to have ever been nominated for the American Academy of Actors and the first to win a Lifetime Achievement Award for the role of therapist.

The Emmy-nominated actress and the mother of three has been a key player in the field since her days working in the entertainment industry, first at NBC, where she worked as an associate producer, and later on ABC, where Cernys own company, Cernies Entertainment, worked on shows like Friends, The Office, and the animated sitcom, 30 Rock.

When we caught up with Cern y in person, she talked about how she became the person who helped lead the field, her career aspirations, and what she learned from her mother’s experience.

“I think that we were very fortunate.

It’s a very difficult profession,” Cernyt told us.

“It is very technical.

And it’s very specialized.

And you’re very involved in the person you’re helping.

You have to know your patient, you have to have empathy, you must be able to speak to the patient in their pain, and you have a very specific set of skills, which is what makes the profession so interesting.

And so when I started, it was a lot like being in a barber shop and it’s like, ‘Oh, we need someone who can shave your head, can help you trim your hair, can cut your nails, can take care of the nails, and can take the medicine.’

But it’s a great profession.

And I’m grateful to have been in it, but at the same time I am very fortunate that I was in a place where I got to do that.

It was a huge opportunity.”

Cerny says that she learned so much from her mom and that she always had something to prove.

“My mom had always been very supportive of the profession, but she was also really interested in me growing up.

She was really excited when I was really young and she was excited that I went to university.

And she was very excited that we did a lot of theatre, and she’s always been a big fan of the theatre, so I think that was definitely the biggest influence on her,” she said.

“So I really think that my mom taught me a lot about helping others, how to make my life better, how not to be selfish and how to love your patient.

And just kind of just being a good human being.”

And how did you go about getting your degree?

“I think it was kind of a natural progression from what I had done,” Chernys said.

“‘How many degrees do you have?

How much do you want to learn?

What are you going to do?’

So that’s how I got my degree.”

When Cernyan’s career started to take off, she went to film school.

“And that’s when I really felt like, this is what I want to do.

And to me, I think it’s really a career that I really enjoy and that I feel like I can really contribute to,” she told us, referring to the film industry.

“Because I feel that I can be a really great actor.

I feel really passionate about that.

So I think for me, it’s kind of natural that I would be interested in that, because that’s my passion.”

Chernys went to New York City to study acting at the Juilliard School, and during that time she worked at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

She later went on to work in the television industry for ABC as a writer on ABC Family.

Cernyer also starred in a short film called “Bubbles,” which premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

After that, Cercy landed roles on ABC’s The Bachelor, NBC’s The Voice, and a variety series on MTV, including a stint on The Real World with Kelly and Ryan.

Cercys has also appeared in a number of other movies and TV shows.

In 2012, Cervy starred in the film, Baby Steps, which tells the story of a baby growing up on the streets of New York.

Cernys credits her mom for the early years of her acting career, and says that her mother taught her to never be satisfied with what she was doing.

“I feel like that helped me as a young actress to learn that sometimes you have goals, you just have to let your body do its thing,” she explained.

“Sometimes you have dreams, and sometimes you just want to be in your house and play.

But you just can’t.

And my mom helped me learn that and just let my body do what it’s doing.

And as I got older and got involved in my career, she really helped me be successful and to feel comfortable and to not be so worried about what I was doing or what I wanted.

And that’s really helped my career


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