June 21, 2021

Crossword clue clues can be a great way to help identify a specific profession or topic in a book.

Here are some of our favorite crossword clues for your next job interview.


The Crossword title for “doctor” In this example, the title of the job title is doctor.


The title of “lawyer” In another example, a title like lawyer is not enough to identify a profession, because the job description for a lawyer does not state the profession or the title.


The crossword title of a company that sells insurance and a job advertisement for a salesperson also does not work in this case because the insurance company is not listed as a company in the listing.

The name is just a wordplay on the word “insurance” and is not a word at all.


The word “carpet” In the example, “catering” is a word for a carpet.


The “candy store” example is a bit misleading, since “caterers” does not actually refer to a candy store.


The example “teacher” is more descriptive of a teacher than a “teaching” job.


The description for the “school” job description includes the word school rather than “schools.”

The word schools is not required.


The job description in the job posting for a “furniture maker” is very descriptive of the type of furniture you might find at a furniture store.


The listing for a carpenter is also quite descriptive of work in the woodworking business.


The definition of “counselor” in the title is also very specific.

The language is very specific, and the job offers a very specific skill set.


The term “teachers” refers to a person who teaches English or American English to students.


The employment description for an “educational counselor” is somewhat more specific than for the job listing for an English teacher.


The use of the word education is a little misleading.

This is because education refers to the education of a person or organization, not the education itself.


The occupation description for “television reporter” is not specific enough to distinguish a TV reporter from an actor.

The TV reporter is a journalist who is doing a job that is usually seen as entertainment, not news reporting.


The usage of the term “fisherman” is misleading, because there are also fishmen and fisherwomen in the U.S. The English expression “fishers” is an old, non-specific term for people who live near fishing boats.


The meaning of “man” in this example is unclear, but the description for it in the book might be “man who wears a man’s clothes.”


The list of professions that can be listed in the “fishing jobs” section of the employment listing for the fisherman is quite broad.


The application of the phrase “a doctor who specializes in a specific occupation” in another example is not quite accurate, because this person is not really a doctor.


The phrase “fellow student” is ambiguous and the employer does not use it. 20.

The information on the job ad for a doctor is somewhat misleading because the medical profession is not specified.


The person who has answered the crossword is a lawyer who is not necessarily a lawyer, even though that is what he is called.


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