June 19, 2021

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has pledged to hold up a bill that aims to repeal Obamacare if Republicans can’t convince 50 GOP senators to support it.

If McConnell can’t garner enough support for a reconciliation bill to clear the Senate, then he could face a veto from President Donald Trump.

Trump said Tuesday he is willing to work with McConnell on a replacement bill if the Senate fails to vote on it.

“I’m willing to sit down and talk with Mitch McConnell about it, because if we can get 50 votes in there, then we’ll have a replacement,” Trump said during an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show.

Trump also said he’s open to working with Democrats on a deal on health care, but that “it’ll be a deal where the Democrats get what they want.”

The president also said that if Democrats can’t agree on a health care deal, they should “let me know.”

“If we can’t come to an agreement, then let me know,” Trump told NBC’s Savannah Guthrie.

The president made similar comments earlier in the day.

He said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that he’s “ready to negotiate” with Democrats if they “give me the deal I want.”

McConnell has been reluctant to make a deal with Democrats because of concerns about how much they would pay for the bill.

However, the president did say on Tuesday that the Senate should vote on a healthcare bill that includes funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

That would allow him to take action on health insurance subsidies that Trump has said he would use to help low-income Americans afford coverage.

The House passed its version of the bill last week, with the support of McConnell and other GOP lawmakers.

Trump has repeatedly said he plans to veto the legislation if it fails to pass, and has threatened to withhold support from the Senate if it does not move forward.

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